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In this community…

  1. We practice healing centered interactions by…
    1. Being mindful of potentially triggering language and actions and be mindful of our own triggers
    2. Remembering that this is not a group-therapy space
    3. Seeking first to understand, then to be understood
    4. Scrapping societal requirements to perform white social norms including toxic positivity, neurotypical and allistic social norms, class status etc.
  2. We practice leaning into discomfort and challenging conversations…
    1. Gaining awareness of how our intersecting privileges and oppressions inform how we interact with one another
    2. Being aware of tone policing and how our own biases may be re-enacting oppression in the space
    3. Taking space and making space
    4. Valuing feedback as an act of generosity and trust, by reflecting on feedback we receive before responding.
  3. We practice respecting ourselves and each other by…
    1. Speaking with “I” and from our own experiences
    2. Resisting the urge to compare our gender journeys
    3. Not giving unsolicited advice
    4. Taking requests for advice offline
    5. Staying mindful of pronouns and other gendered language
    6. Remembering to tell our own stories
    7. Keeping community member’s identities confidential, only sharing with explicit consent